Day 248: Drip

A couple of weeks back, we had a stretch of bad weather that started to wear me down a bit. We’ve hit another rainy patch, but it feels quite different this time. Maybe it’s because we’re getting good doses of sun before and after the downpours. Or maybe it’s a change in my attitude. Whatever the cause, I enjoyed today’s rain.

I had a break between appointments today and decided to go out for lunch, even though the rain was threatening to move back in. And sure enough, it did. By the time I was ready to get back to my office, it was “pouring down the rain” as my wife’s grandmother would always say.

I had my umbrella, so I didn’t get drenched. But the rain was falling hard enough that I certainly caught my fair share. And it didn’t annoy me or irritate me to be “caught” in the rain. And I didn’t rush back to my building either. I walked, observed, and listened–and got a bit wet to boot.

And to be honest, I enjoyed it immensely.

By the time I left my office for the day, the rain had stopped and the sun had returned. I enjoyed the late afternoon sunshine, but it also felt good to know that I had managed to “catch” the rain today.

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