Day 256: Reintegrate

It’s been a long day for a Saturday.

I was up at 5am, so that my oldest and I could make it to Chapel Hill for the first competition of his fall season. We’ve done competitions, and long road trips, for years–but during all those years, my son has been on the same team, competing against the same kids in the same region.

And now we are somewhere new, and having to build new connections.

Well–some place newish would be more accurate. There were some familiar faces at today’s event–other competitors that my son knew from Nationals, or from other events that spanned multiple regions. And there was at least one adult who recognized me as well.

But still–over all these years, I’ve made some very good friends through these events–honestly, some of my closest. I don’t expect those friendships to fade, but I am also aware that I will need to find ways to connect with this new community of competitors and their parents. And I’m sure that will take some time.

So today, I made a point of introducing myself to a few other parents and coaches. And I was warmly greeted in return.

Not a big thing, I know, to say hello and put out my hand. But in other ways as well, it was a big step into a new world of friends and acquaintances.

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2 Responses to Day 256: Reintegrate

  1. To me it’s a big thing. I’m always she around new people and saying hello takes effort on my part, always feeling stupid when I don’t, but mostly regretting it afterwards…. So I’d say well done! 🙂

    • Mark says:

      Thanks! It’s funny that I have a reputation for socializing well at parties and that sort of thing–because on the inside I’m often feeling pretty awkward and cut-off at those sorts of events!

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