Day 257: Tinker

Nope–no Sunday Adventure for me and the kids this week. In theory, September and October are supposed to be our driest months up here. That has not been the case lately, though.

So this morning’s heavy fog and mist turned into a steady drizzle–just enough to thwart our plans to hike the Linville River in search of the perfect boulder. In the midst of my disappointment, though, my wife pointed out to me that there were a few projects around the house than needed tending to, and today might be a good day to tackle a few.

Not quite what I had on tap for today–but a point well taken.

I’ve never been super-handy around the house, but there were a few minor repair and assembly items that I managed to tinker with today. Real exciting stuff–like a toilet seat replacement, and a couple of “storage solution” assemblies.

So: what did I learn today, with all my minor tinkering? Well for one, I had to acknowledge that, for better or for worse, I would rather leave chores undone and head off into the woods than to do the “responsible” thing and get the job done.

But I also had to acknowledge that sometimes, knocking out little tasks like the chores I completed today goes a long way in restoring order in the house.

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