Day 258: Blank

Yup, I’m drawing a blank.

It might be a Monday thing. Or maybe I’m too tired. Or maybe I kept myself a little too busy at work–but when I reflect on what I focused on today, or how I challenged myself to live just a little more simply and deliberately… I’ve got nothing.

Oh, I suppose I could make something up–find some moment in the day and expand upon it–but the truth is I’m not sure how deliberate my actions were today, and how much was simply a matter of getting through the day.

But I suppose the real challenge of today is right now: to cut myself a little bit of slack (not that it’s the first time I’ve done so over the last 39 or so weeks) and accept my imperfections. I suppose I could have literally left today’s blog entry blank, just to force myself to confront this gap in my practice head on–but maybe I’m not quite brave enough for that challenge!

So that’s all I’ve got today–stated in 174 words too many.

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3 Responses to Day 258: Blank

  1. revdarkwater says:

    Better blanks than bullets!

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