Day 275: Eavesdrop

OK, that word doesn’t sound so good, so let me explain.

Tonight, my eight-year-old found an old picture book that my wife had bought for her a couple of years ago. She sat at the kitchen table, reading out loud, while I did the dishes. I am not sure if she was reading to me or just near me, but I wasn’t really paying too much attention either way. But as she continued to read, I started to listen in more closely:

Then, spreading his arms as wide as he could, Grandpa said, “This is the Now….Wherever you are…that’s the Now. You just have to pay attention.”

The book she was reading was Milton’s Secret, by Eckhart Tolle and Robert S. Friedman. I can’t say I’ve ever given Tolle’s writings much thought, and I don’t think I will run out to buy one of his best selling books of insight, but it was a pleasant moment to hear my eight year old reading something that asked her to reflect on what it means to be in the moment.

And of course, being in that moment with her, listening to her read, was the true gift of this evening.

I’m glad I started to pay attention!

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