286: Transfer

Some things haven’t changed too much over the past 286 days. Finances would be one of them. While we are certainly not hurting for essentials, and the new job has been a help, our day to day money situation is still not what I would consider simplified.

So we continue to work on it.

Tonight’s complication–having two checking accounts in two different states…that are not (yet) linked.

I have been lazy in swapping over some automatic withdrawals that are coming out of our “old” Georgia account. Now that account is just about drawn down, with not enough in it to cover the next scheduled withdrawal.

I did some quick electronic fixes to keep that account from hitting into the red, but we definitely need to simplify our finances a bit to avoid future complications like this.

I mean: it’s not as though managing money is my strong suit to begin with, so why not simplify matters as much as possible?

So that’s what I started to do tonight.

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