Day 287: Proportionate

Huh. It turns out “proportionate” is a verb. Who knew?

So I’ve been a bit down today. It may be the long stint of rain, or it may be the multiple days of thick fog. But if you ask me, it’s that nagging–sometimes dull and sometimes acute–pain in my right elbow.

I’ve had ongoing minor-to-moderate pain before (trapezius 2x, shoulder, hand, etc.) that has gotten in the way of physical activity. Each time, it has taken time to heal and recover.

And each time, I have slipped into a funk, thinking to myself: this pain is now the new normal, and I will never return to my previous level of activity.

Today was my day to slump into those thoughts. I let myself have at them for a little bit (ok, maybe a little longer than a little bit), but then I got some perspective.

All in all, I have much to be grateful for. And all in all, I am in good health. So why should I assume that I wouldn’t have a recovery in me–especially from something that is ultimately as mild as a touch of tendonitis in one elbow?

I’m not sure what puts me into these kinds of downward spirals–all I know is that they seem to be inversely related to the severity of the matter at hand.

So I’m calling off the pity party. And yes, I’ve been icing, and yes I’ve been doing my exercises. Now all I need is patience.

And perspective.

And gratitude.

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