Day 305: Lag

OK, I know that Georgia and North Carolina are in the same time zone, but I really do feel like I’m jet lagged.

Sure, maybe it’s because I was up too late last night, spending time with old friends, and then up too early to get on the road for a five hour drive… but still, I felt just a tad out of sync when I got back home this afternoon.

It had been snowing all day–a couple of inches at least, but with the wind gusting up to 50 mph, in some places the grass was showing through, while in other places we had drifts of six or more inches.

The kids had been out all morning, so by the time I came home they were back inside warming up by the fire my oldest son had started. It was quite the welcoming scene.

I was happy to be back, and happy to see my family–but at the same time I felt just a touch out of step with the rhythm of the household, as though a part of me hadn’t quite made it through the front door.

By dinner, the feeling had passed. I was back home–mind, body, and soul.

It’s getting onto midnight now. The wind is howling outside, and I’m about to fall asleep in my own bed for the first time in several days. It’s good to be home. And it’s good to feel at home.


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