Day 340: Unplan

For all that I claim to be a spontaneous individual, I sure do spend a lot of time planning things in my head. Big things, little things. Work projects and family fun. And so on.

I spent about six hours in my car today–three hours down and three hours back for a sport competition. I think I must have been too groggy to be thinking of much on the drive down, but this evening, all I could seem to do is look ahead.

Not that there isn’t a time and a place for putting some forethought into schedules and projects. But really–what great plans did I need to lay out in my head this evening?
Not a one.

And what’s more: it wasn’t even planning really. More like projecting: tomorrow, this is what I will do; next week, I will be doing so and so; tonight I will write the following on my blog. And so on.

So somewhere halfway up the mountain, I suspended all planning for the rest of the day.

Granted, it was probably around 9:30pm, but better late than never, right?

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