Day 345: Tune Out

Sure, I suppose a lot of what I have written in the past year has been about “tuning into” the moment. Tonight was definitely all about tuning out.

We are living in a smallish house now–smaller than our old house, at least. Sometimes it can be a challenge to find some quiet. But tonight, I seemed to find quietude in the midst of all of the hubbub.

My oldest child was upstairs in the loft, playing his guitar. My other two children were rolling about and laughing, in the thick of some play. The house was alive with noise and life.

And there I was, in front of the fire, spread out on the couch and reading. I could hear the sound of my children, but the noise was anything but distracting. I read on, enjoying my time by the fire, and at the same time enjoying the sounds of our home.

Come to think of it: maybe I did title today’s entry incorrectly.

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