Day 351: Procrastinate

Yup, I’m putting off for tomorrow what I could be doing today. But let me explain.

I’m single parenting again. My wife went down to her mother’s house a few days ago, and I will be following shortly with the kids. There’s a lot I want to get taken care of before we leave–my sister will be meeting us back up here in the mountains right after Christmas, and the house is a little, well, entropic right now. So the plan was to take the next couple of nights to put things back in order, clear out the fridge, catch up on laundry–heck, maybe even mop a floor or two.

But then I got a call from my daughter’s school this afternoon. She was running a fever, and they wanted me to come and pick her up.

The school policy is: if your child has a fever over 100 degree, he or she stays home until fever-free for 24 hours.

Which means I will be staying home from work too tomorrow as well.

Which means I have a lot more time to straighten up the place.

Which means tonight, instead of running around taking care of chores, maybe I can spend some time relaxing with my three kids.

Seems like a wise use of time to me!


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