Day 352: Nurse

I just finished spoon feeding my eight-year-old daughter some pastina in chicken broth. I’m sure she could have fed herself just fine, but I think it made us both feel a little better for me to feed her one spoonful at a time.

It turns out the little one has the flu. Her fever was just under 103 this morning. Kinda scary, to say the least.

She had a good day of rest. Lots of sleep and lots of liquids. And a little bit of food too. Her fever is down to a modest 100 and change, but tomorrow should make for an interesting five hour car ride….

Yesterday I was writing about how much I could get done today, since I was staying home from work. Sure, I got a lot done, but housecleaning definitely took a back seat to nurse duties.

Now she’s asleep again, and hopefully down for the night. And you know what? I’m exhausted. Time for a little self-care, I think.

So off to bed I go.

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2 Responses to Day 352: Nurse

  1. Anne Lene says:

    Much more important to take care of you and the little one! Much more important than cleaning the house….

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