Day 356: Empty

My calendar was empty today.

To be honest, it’s always a little hard for me to be at loose ends. Today was one of those days–nothing planned, no events, no pressing work deadlines. It was just a day.

I read for an hour or so on the couch. And I worked on a puzzle for a bit. And I brought the kids out to the playground. And so on.

Sure, I accomplished a few things. I got those Christmas cards out (kind of early for us, actually!) and I did some light work for a course I am teaching in the spring. But that was it.

It’s hard for me just to be OK with days like this–days that feel like they are “without event” or accomplishment. But that’s really what I needed to focus on today–allowing today to be what it was–a day without event–and still appreciate it.

OK, now off to my next pressing event of the day–watching a movie with the entire family!


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