Day 11: Demote

IMG_1742A tool is only a tool if it’s something you use, right?

Otherwise, it’s just clutter.

Take, for instance, my kitchen tool drawer. Much like my pantry, it’s the sort of little thing that eats at me every day, but I’ve grown so accustomed to its annoyance that I take it for a fact, rather than something I can change.

Crazy, I know.

So today, I demoted every “tool” in the drawer that I didn’t plan to use in the next few weeks, sending them off to a storage space in the basement. Some of those things I am pretty sure I won’t be using any time soon, for example:

  • A turkey-shaped cookie cutter
  • Pumpkin carving tools
  • duplicate (or triplicate ) sets of corkscrews, can openers and salad tongs

Then there was the stuff that I will never use again. Those “tools” went straight to the trash or recycling. Next: the flatware drawer, which has devolved into a drop site for packets of soy sauce, phone chargers, twist-ties, etc. etc. Anything that didn’t have a function of carrying food to one’s mouth, or from a serving dish Tool Drawer, Simplifiedto one’s plate, either found a new home or ended up in the trash.

It’s good to point out (to myself at least), that what I was doing, while certainly a kind of chore, was ultimately aimed at simplifying my life in the kitchen– and I spend a lot of time in my kitchen. The new, Spartan drawers have everything I need on a daily basis, and nothing cluttering up my space with the tug of “someday I might need this.”

I was on a roll–and even tackled the dreaded “utility” drawer, which  is currently held together with duct tape as a result of over-stuffing and subsequent yanking open. I can’t even tell you some of the stuff I found in there and discarded… because I have no idea what some of those stray pieces of metal and plastic once belonged to. Other stuff I simply thinned out. I need a few rubber bands, but probably not a couple of hundred.That's a Lot of Rubber Bands

As I moved on, I managed to free up an entire drawer, discarding sippy cups, drink covers, and bibs that we are long, long beyond needing. I even found a weird microwave egg poacher that I probably got as a Christmas gift several years back. For a moment I found myself thinking, “This could come in handy some day.”

Then I chucked it in recycling and called it day.

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2 Responses to Day 11: Demote

  1. Finding God Daily says:

    I think I could put everything I use in my kitchen in a small box.
    Thanks for the post!!

    • Mark says:

      So true. The last horizon in the kitchen is the storage container drawer. I have enough little plastic tubs to save a month’s worth of food–at least! Time to cull….

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