Day 12: Rest

Not a very exciting entry, I realize, but one that is actually pretty hard for me.

I’m really good at doing. It’s the not doing that is more of the challenge. So today, all I am trying to do is to take some time to rest and recuperate. I’m on the verge of a chest cold, and I know that resting will help–my normal instinct would be to plow through the day, sickness be damned. Instead, today I’m sipping tea, reading, and taking it easy. I even tried to take a nap. Amazing stuff, right?

It’s not that my goal is to do nothing; rather, I would like to try to make all my actions today reflect an attention toward rest and recuperation. Goodness knows on any give day, my actions tend to be far more restive than restful.

That should be enough writing for an entry on “rest,” don’t you think?

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