Day 71: Relax

Sure, I know it seems like a cop-out to say that my “challenge” for today was to relax–and a part of me feels that any time I focus on rest and recovery I am somehow cheating….

But the fact that it is so challenging for me to slow down sometimes should let me know just how important it is for me to do just that.

So: I could spend the next hour or so squeezing a little more work into the day, but I’m not going to.

And I’m sure I could find something around the house to clear out or de-clutter, but I’m going to pass on that as well.

And I could probably re-edit this post a half dozen more times to make it “just right”–maybe find some inspirational quote, or some revealing anecdote from the day to really make my point.

But not tonight.

So I better hit “Publish” now before I go back on my word!

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