Day 336: Chew

I ate an apple today. At least I think I did.

I had to walk cross-campus for a late afternoon meeting. I remember biting into the apple just as I was passing the walkway that leads up to the library. It was a Pink Lady–tart and sweet and with a lot of crunch. I remember how good that first bite tasted.

And the next thing I knew: I was standing in front of the administrative building with an apple core in my hand.

Sometimes I think my missteps are more valuable to me than my little victories. I can think of a number of instances over the past 11 months in which I would catch myself doing the exact opposite of what I would consider deliberate living, and then try to correct my actions.

Today was one such instance.

I’ve always maintained that it would be an unrealistic goal to expect that somehow I would manage to spend every moment of every day in mindful observance. That said, I would like to think that with practice, I could slowly become just a little more aware of my daily life, as I’m living it.

Like eating an apple, for example.

And of course, at any moment I can practice that awareness.

Like right now.

I’ve poured myself a cup of tea. And apparently, I’ve already drank down half of that cup. So I stop, take a moment, and take a sip. That wasn’t so hard, was it?

In many ways, this whole year has been that sort of progress. I practice. I fall out of practice. I catch myself, and then I bring myself back into practice.

I guess what I’m really doing is practicing practice!


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2 Responses to Day 336: Chew

  1. Practicing practice? Boy do I understand where you’re coming from. I have tried to change habits this year as well and I keep slipping backwards and sprinting forwards and slipping again. I’m getting the feeling that life is just like that. You get caught up in it and sometimes have to just stop and take a moment to course correct. Not easy, but it is worthwhile I’m finding.

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